Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I can't keep up!

Time is just FLYING by!!!!

I realized today that if I do well in my classes (please, Lord, let me do well in my classes) then I will graduate with my BSN just 13 months from TODAY!!!

Holy cow!!!

13 months is NOTHING. That will fly by before I even know it...and then I'll be a nurse!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011


One new post at a time!

So here we go, Halloween!!!

We had a great Halloween weekend!

Starting with Friday:
Dommie and Mommy day.
Dominick's been struggling a bit with me and Nick working so much, me in school, Annabelle not always with Dom at daycare, all kinds of things. So on Friday, I switched the kids and dropped Annabelle off and kept Dommie home. I had intended on going to the Magic House with him, but that couldn't happen (no comment on that) so we laid low. The one big thing we did do was carve our pumpkins!!

We went to the pumpkin patch (on a day Nick had to work...boo) and I forgot my camera (double boo) so I have no pictures of that, and we were planning on going back so I didn't get us a big pumpkin. Well we didn't go back, so on Friday, Dom and I went to Schnucks and got two pumpkins and then went to Target and got some Halloween stuff, including a carving kit. Dom picked out both pictures we carved and he helped with pulling out the goo (something he didn't like very much). Here are our finished products. I'm pretty proud! I think we did great!

How grown up is my baby??

Two ghosts on the left and a kitty bat on the right (and a handsome little man!)

We went to the Ketterer's house for a Fall Festival. There was food, beer, pumpkin painting, cookie decorating, haunted frisbee golf and other fun! Dom got into this costume for a bit but we didn't get Annabelle in hers for that night. I didn't want to risk getting it dirty since we had two more Halloween events to attend that weekend.

Dom did a pretty good job with everything but he's still struggling to listen sometimes. I guess that's just pretty standard for an almost two year old though. We're working on it. ;-)

Here are some pictures from the Fall Festival:

Dom and Celia on the hammock

Annabelle chillin' on a blanket

Our little fireman

Pumpkin painting!

A cute little kitty drinking her milk!

Halloween at Glen Echo Country Club.

I don't know when they started this but we went last year too and it was really fun! They had a lot of stuff like an amazing buffet, pumpkin painting, a haunted blow up house, a haunted hay ride through the golf course and more!

Dom and Celia had a blast. They spent a good 20 minutes just running around in the blow up house playing house. The haunted hayride was fun too. At the halfway point, the tractor stopped and there were 3 witches around a fire handing out bags of candy, so the kids had fun. The funniest part about the hay ride was that any time someone jumped out to scare us and everyone screamed, Dom and Celia didn't get it. They asked why everyone was screaming. We told them that it made the people in the costumes happy. They we asked if they could yell too. From then on, anytime someone jumped out, both kids would say (SAY, not yell) ahhhh. Very bored like. So clearly our kids weren't traumatized from the haunted hay ride!!

One of the best parts about this event was that my Grandma got to come! So Dommie and Annabelle got to see Great-Grandma for Halloween, something we weren't going to be able to do since Halloween was on a Monday this year. So yay for that! :)

Here are a few pics from there (with Annabelle in her costume!):

Dom, Celia and Aunt Angie painting pumpkins (yes, Dom's shirt got ruined during this process, but that's ok!)

Grandpa with his ladybug and kitty cat!

Daddy and his lady bug getting ready to go to the event (how cute is SHE?!?!)

Great Grandma and her sleeping lady bug.

Finally: Monday!
Halloween Night

This year (same as last year, and the year before, and the year before that!) we went to Nick's sister's house to do trick or treating with them. I do this for many reasons. 1) Dom is still too young to really have fun doing this by ourselves. It's more fun for him to do it with his older cousins. 2) He gets to see more family (cousins and his Nani) if we go there and I like to get to see some of my nieces and nephew. 3) Kate's neighborhood is a very private neighborhood so there aren't a lot of cars going through it and I feel like that's a little safer for us to be walking around there. 4) Last but NOT least, their neighbors hand out beer to the adults while trick or treating...who doesn't love that!?

This year, my mom came along. My sister's mother in law's birthday is Halloween so she was with her in-laws and I knew we wouldn't get out to my parent's house on Halloween day so she met us at Kate's house and walked with us. That was especially helpful because Nick (unfortunately) had to work this year during trick or treating and couldn't come. I needed the extra hands to have both kids this year.

So it was a great year. Dom even told his joke once!

Which was: Q) Why don't monsters eat clowns? A) Because they taste funny!
Or as Celia pointed out, an alternate answer could be: Because clowns aren't food!! (which is more true and equally funny when a 3 year old says it!).

Anyway, here are a few pics from Halloween night:

Cousins! (Dominick, Jilly, Sophia with Annabelle, and Henry)

Annabelle and Grandma

Dommie, our little fireman

The grandma's. My mom, Dominick, Jilly and Nick's mom with Annabelle

One more funny story about trick or treating. One man asked Dommie what he was. Dom told him that he was a fire man. The man then asked how many fires he had put out. Dom answered 2 fires! So the man told him that was worth 2 pieces of candy. Then he asked Jilly if she had put out any fires. She said yes. When he asked her how many, she thought about it for a second and then said, very proudly, "THREE fires!". Haha, smart girl. ;-)

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get another post done!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Time, time, time

I wish I had more of it!!!

I have so many things I want to blog about!

Girls weekend
My sister's birthday

So many things!!!!

But right now it's 11:40 (and feels like 12:40) and I'm going to go to bed...

I'll leave you with a funny Dom story.

Today I picked up the kids from Nick's mom's on my way home from the winery. I was exhausted so when I picked them up, I told Dom:

"Let's go home and RE-LAX!"

Dom looked at me and said,

"You said it sister!".

Where does he come up with this stuff???

Too cute.

I'll try to write more tomorrow or Tuesday!