Tuesday, August 30, 2011

30x30 Check IN

Original 30x30 post

Just a quick check in on my 30x30...I HAVE UPDATES!!!!

Here's my updated and revised 30 x 30. I have the completed tasks in Blue. I added some in Green if I am signed up for them or have them started. :)

1) Run a half marathon - DONE!

2) Go back to Europe - still not done, see last post

3) Learn a foreign language - not done, see last post

4) Have 2 of my 4 children - DONE!

5) Take up golf - for real! - not done. ok, still haven't even gone yet this year but I'll get there.

6) Be debt free (except the house) - Thinking about changing this one...see last post. Since I'm picking up more student loans, maybe I should make this a 40 year old goal...

7) Complete an indoor triathlon - SIGNED UP! I'll be completing this on October 9th. :) Wish me luck!

8) Watch Gone with the Wind - Not done - But I'm doing this one this week! I have the DVD. I just have to do it!!!

9) Watch the Godfather - DONE!!! Did this a few weeks ago! Woohoo!

10) Play in a poker tournament in a casino - Not done...probably going to do this one soon here in St. Louis.

11) Get a new car (or newer car) - Not done, but unfortunately probably doing soon. Stupid old cars...

12) Shoot a gun - Not done but soon. I'm going Target shooting with my neighbor one of these days.

13) Go back to school - DONE!

14) Learn to drive a stick shift - Not Done. Maybe I'll do that next week some time...or practice at least.

15) Learn to french braid hair - KIND OF DONE! I'm counting it. I practiced on Cecilia a few weeks ago. I need to get better at it, but I did it! And it looked CUTE! :) I'm totally counting it.

16) Get into cooking - Eh...getting there. Still need to get that oven fixed.

17) Finish the entertainment center - DONE!

18) Register to vote in St. Louis City - DONE!

19) Fly somewhere 1st class - Not done. Next time we travel, I'm looking into this!

20) Go on a cruise - not done. Hopefully we'll do this when I graduate too. Man, I have a lot of trips on this list!

21) Make my own recipe - Started practicing...needs more work. I'll keep you posted.

22) Go back to the Signature Room in Chicago - Not done. But we've talked about it! So hopefully somewhat soon.

23) Go on a family vacation with my family - not done. But soon. We've been talking about going to Kentucky Lake.

24) Learn photo shop - Not done. This isn't a hard one, hopefully I'll do this soon.

25) Be in the audience at the Ellen DeGeneres show - Not done. This will be a tough one, but I'm determined to make it to the show!

26) Get into exercising consistently three times a week - Not done. We had to cancel the YMCA to save money and it's so hot, but I really hope to do this soon. There's always tomorrow!

27) Reach my goal weight. - Definitely not done. But I have to do it...

28) Try every beer on the list at Growler's . But I have started!! I haven't been there in a bit either. Hopefully I'll go back soon! And knock a few more off the list.

29) Read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. - I am halfway done with the Fellowship of the Ring. My goal is to finish that one by the end of September. So I have one month to finish.

30) Become a nurse!! In theory this should be done in the next year and a half..we'll see!

There is more blue on this post! Not sure if you can tell, but I can! I'm getting there. Slowly but surely. Just have to keep plugging away!

As always, I'll keep you posted. ;-)


Annabelle has had a cold for seriously like 8 weeks now. (Holy bad grammar...don't judge me).

Every time I call in they tell me that she doesn't need to come in and to do the same old same old thing. Elevate the head of her mattress...Use the bulb syringe...Use a cool mist humidifier at night...Etc, etc.

But she's STILL coughing and STILL has a runny nose and I can't hardly take it anymore. So I called today and she's going in.

She also got a little bug yesterday and threw up about 6 times during the day. And she threw up more than she ate each time. I keep waiting for Dom to start, but so far we've been lucky. Hopefully he stays healthy.

I'm hoping to get some answers today. I hate that she's been sick for so long. I just want her to get better!

On a different note, while Nick was at his football draft last night when I texted him to go to Walgreens on the way home and get some Pedialite. He texted me back a recipe to make Pedialite at home. Our friend Colleen looked it up in a book she has and I made the recipe and I think it worked! Annabelle hadn't been going to the bathroom since all this throwing up started and I needed to get some fluids back in her. She drank the 2 oz bottle I made right up and had a wet diaper within an hour. Good girl!

Here's the recipe if you ever need pedialite and can't get to the store:

4 cups of water
1/2 tsp of salt
2 tbsp of sugar

I think they said you can add some gelatin powder for flavor but we didn't do that. We just did the water/salt/sugar combo and it worked great!

Hopefully we get some good answers today and she can FINALLY get better! I'm tired of hearing that poor cough all the time!

Monday, August 29, 2011

the iMac is BACK!

I have my computer back!! :) :) :) :)


Can you tell I missed it??

I'll be back to blogging at least every other day! Well, I hope I will anyway.

Just for being so patient with me, here are some amazing professional photos of my kids!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Heaven is for Real...

Have you read this book?

If not, it's a story told by a little boy (through his father) about his trip to Heaven and back. He had to have emergency surgery due to an overlooked ruptured appendix and almost died. He tells stories about meeting God and Jesus and Gabriel the angel and all kinds of things. It's a beautiful story.

In all honesty, I wasn't sure I believed it all, but I'm starting to believe it all more and more. And I want to believe it. Especially now that baby Gwen passed away. I want to believe that she is in the special part of Heaven for children until they can be reunited with their loved ones.

In the book, the little boy mentions seeing lights coming out of people while attending mass. And seeing other phenomena that he explains as being part of Heaven or Jesus. I'm wondering how many kids see these things if they are real (which I'm hoping to believe they are).

I ask this because today was a special day for us.

This morning Annabelle fell. Not bad, and she landed on some clothes, but she fell and bumped her head. She screamed. I cried. And I called the exchange and talked to a pediatric nurse at Cardinal Glennon. They assured me she's fine. We have some things to watch, but she's been her happy smiling self all day.

That's not the point of this story.

I swapped the kids today at daycare. Dommie has been running a fever so I kept him at home and sent Annabelle in his place. I would've kept both of them out but I had class today at 1:30 and Nick's mom was willing to watch one child and I didn't want to TOTALLY abuse her and force her to watch 2 kids. (just kind of abuse her with one!). After dropping Annabelle off at Stella's (and explaining Annabelle's fall and what to watch out for), Dommie and I decided to have a good Mommy and Dommie day and go to Denny's for breakfast.

On our way home from breakfast, Dommie said, "Look Mommy! I see sissy!". I immediately turned around and said, "Where do you see Sissy?" thinking he was seeing a billboard or ad with a baby on it (he thinks a LOT of babies look like sissy). He pointed up. Well we are in a car. There's nothing up. Then he started moving his finger around the car. I asked, "What are you talking about silly? There's no one in the car but us!". He said, "Yes there is! I see Sissy! She's flying!!".

At this point, I'm remembering this book and thinking about Annabelle at daycare and knowing she hit her head. I'm kind of freaking out.

Then Dommie says, "Oh no Mama! She's flying away! We have to catch her! I can't lose Sissy!". I said, "Can we catch her? Where is she?". Then he started kind of crying and saying, "She flew away! I miss Sissy!".

So I called Stella. I was supposed to call her anyway, but this really freaked me out. She assured me that Annabelle was fine and acting normal.

Then I started thinking about it. Maybe Dominick just saw Baby Gwen.

He only met her a few times and wouldn't remember what she looked like, but maybe she remembered him for some reason. I'm not saying this is what happened. I know kids have crazy imaginations. But it was so odd.

I'd like to think that he saw Baby Gwen. And that she was happy and showing us that she's ok. Yesterday would have been her 1st birthday. Maybe she was telling all the families who prayed for her that she had a good birthday. I like to imagine that.

And I like to imagine that Heaven is for Real.

PS - Annabelle is still her happy smiling beautiful self. And her bump is gone. Thank goodness. :)

missed again...but

our iMac is ready!! :)

I have to work tonight and I might have both kids tomorrow since Nick is off on his family golf trip but I will have it again SOON! :)

Yay! I need it. Our laptop is literally falling apart...I should take a picture and show you how bad it is. Maybe I'll do that tonight before work..

Until next time though, I'm off to school and work!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Missed a day...

My goal for August was to blog at least every other day. I was supposed to blog Saturday to keep up with that...I missed it.

Our iMac is still at the shop and I worked all weekend. Hopefully I'll get my computer back asap and can get back to blogging consistently!

And another one!

I french braided Celia's hair tonight! It wasn't perfect, but it was definitely a french braid! woot woot!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another one Down!

I just finished watching The Godfather!!

Another goal off of my list, thank you very much!

And I really liked it! Poor Kay...she has no idea what she got into. I have to watch the second one now!

But before that, I'll have to watch Gone with the Wind.

I'm getting there! Slowly but surely!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"That's Awesome!"

I was listening to the radio this morning (Mason and Remy on the Bull in case you were wondering) and they were talking about a blog they found online. It's called A Thousand Awesome Things. Or maybe 1,000 Awesome Things. Something like that. In this blog, the person just lists things that they think are awesome. And not boring things like Airplanes or something but like "Tripping and realizing no one saw you - Awesome". That kind of thing.

They had people call in and say what they thought were awesome things. One woman called in and said that her son was in bootcamp and she didn't get to talk to him often and last night she got a surprise phone call from him. That IS awesome. I agreed with her.

Another woman called in and said that when she was shopping and went to check out, the cashier forgot to ring in half her stuff and she didn't have to pay for it...I kind of vote for not awesome, but stealing on that one, but whatever.

But here is mine.

I was talking to my mom and she mentioned that my Dad knew my stove and computer were broken. When she asked my Dad how he knew those things, he replied that he had read my blog.

Now THAT'S awesome.

I love you Daddy! :) I hope you keep reading!

Monday, August 15, 2011


It seems like everything is breaking lately!

First our oven stopped working. The stove part works fine but the oven isn't lighting. So it's just pouring out gas and not actually heating. So that's dangerous. Needless to say, we aren't using the oven right now.

We were getting ready to call to have it looked at the same day I brought my car to get an oil change. While it was there, I got a phone call that I needed two new tires. Great. So we put the oven on hold and vowed to not turn it on.

So far that's working. Except, there are only so many meals you can make on the stove. I'm ready to pop something in the oven!

Now, we tried turning on our iMac computer. We bought it in February. It won't turn on. I called and they said we have to bring it in. Luckily we still have 20 days left on our limited warranty. So we are doing that tomorrow.

In the meantime we are without our main computer. I'm typing this on our laptop that is missing buttons and has all kinds of problems.

Hopefully soon we will get all our crap working again.

It's always something, isn't it? I guess that's just life! :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Night Shift

So I had another 12 hour night shift last night and I have to admit - I love working nights! Of course I miss the kids bed time and sleeping when it's dark but I really like nights. And getting the bed all to myself the next morning is kind of nice too. :)

More about this later. Just had to get a quick post in so I didn't miss an every other day post. That's my goal for August and I can't fail this early!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


This will be my last sad post for awhile. I swear.

We just left the Memorial Mass for Baby Gwen. It was beautiful. And sad. All at the same time. I won't dwell on that, but I will share with you this prayer that was on Gwen's prayer card.

God saw she was getting tired
And a cure was not to be,
So he put his arms around her
And whispered, "Come to Me"
With tearful hearts we watched
Her fade away.
Although we loved her dearly,
We could not make her stay.
A golden heart stopped beating,
Hard working hands to rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us,
He only takes the best.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rest in Peace

Baby Gwen
Born on this Earth: August 24, 2010
Left to join God: August 7, 2011

We got that horrible email yesterday morning...the one that told us that Baby Gwen has left this Earth to be with God in Heaven. I've been crying since, I think. I know what I'm feeling is nothing compared to what C & D are feeling. I feel so horrible for them and I know that no words can help. There is nothing to say or do.

I can't believe how fast all of this happened. I remember April 23, 2011. It was a friend of ours daughter's 1st birthday party. Nick and I took the kids and saw C with her son Donovan. We asked where D and Gwen were and she told us that baby Gwen was cutting teeth and a little crabby. We smiled and told her we'd come over soon because we wanted to see Gwen again soon.

The next day was Gwen's 8 month birthday.

The next day was Easter Sunday.

The next day was the day that Gwen got diagnosed with Leukemia.

And here we are, just a few short months later and Gwen is gone. I remember when we found out that Gwen was sick. I wasn't worried. At all. That may sound horrible but I was so positive that she was going to get better. She was at a nationally ranked Children's Hospital for goodness sake. Of COURSE she was going to get better.

Then the diagnosis got a little worse. But I still was so 100% sure she'd be better soon and we'd all be telling these stories to Gwen someday.

Then the diagnosis got even more worse. And I got scared.

I have no idea why bad things happen to good people. And C & D are fantastic people. Great amazing wonderful friends. D told me when I went to visit them in the hospital last week that he has no idea why this is happening but he has to believe that something good will come of it. I have to trust him on that and believe it too. Because things like this make it hard to keep faith.

I do believe that Gwen is still in a loving place. I believe she is in Heaven. And I believe she will be Donovan's guardian angel. I have to believe that.

God Bless you Gwen. I hope He keeps you close and safe until you are reunited with your Mom and Dad, which I hope is a long way away.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

30x30 check in

Original 30x30 post

Just a quick check in on my 30x30...I don't think it's changed since I looked at it in January...but we'll see. Here we go!

Here's my updated and revised 30 x 30.

1) Run a half marathon - DONE!

2) Go back to Europe - still not done, but we are tentatively planning a January 2013 trip as a Happy Graduation present to me. :) We'll see if this actually happens and if we have money after me being in school for a year!

3) Learn a foreign language - Not done, but my parents are thinking of getting Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish (since Dominick and probably Cecilia will be going to the St. Louis Language Immersion School to learn Spanish) so I'm hoping they do this soon and I can borrow it! I'm too cheap to buy it myself! haha

4) Have 2 of my 4 children - DONE!

5) Take up golf - for real! - not done. Haven't played once this summer...haven't played since I found out I was pregnant with Annabelle actually...I'm sorry but it's been too darn HOT! Hopefully I'll get out there one of these days. I REALLY want to do this one!

6) Be debt free (except the house) - Went from ALMOST DONE! to Not Even Close...but don't worry, we're not going to lose our house or anything. Since I was planning on going back to my old job and that changed, we sure racked back up some debt. Not horrible but we're not close to being debt free...and I'm about to take on about $40K in student loans...hopefully we can be back on track after I graduate and hopefully even close to being debt free by my 30th but we'll take that one day at a time...my education is more important at this point. If I rack up some student loans, I'll take it.

7) Complete an indoor triathlon - I haven't found an indoor triathlon coming up but I'm hoping to do this soon. I'll keep looking for one to do!

8) Watch Gone with the Wind - Not done - But I'm doing this one this week! I have the DVD. I just have to do it!!!

9) Watch the Godfather - Almost done. Still have this DVD too!! MUST DO IT!

10) Play in a poker tournament in a casino - Not done...have to go back to Vegas...maybe another trip after I graduate. Or a trip in between semesters next hear...Or I should just look one up at a casino here in St. Louis...maybe that will be easier. I'll look some up tonight!

11) Get a new car (or newer car) - Not done, but will probably HAVE to do that soon. My car has 135,000 miles on it and won't last forever. But we have time. Now that I work approximately 5 miles from my house, we can afford to wait a little bit. I have until 2014 to do this so I'm pretty sure it will happen.

12) Shoot a gun - Not done but our neighbors and Nick and I are going rabbit hunting this fall so I guess I'll shoot one then.

13) Go back to school - DONE!

14) Learn to drive a stick shift - Not Done...but I have to do this soon.

15) Learn to french braid hair - Haven't done this...but I think I can. There's a great patient at the hospital who has long hair and loves having her hair done. I bet she'll be a guinea pig for me. Such a sweet girl. I'll try to do this one soon.

16) Get into cooking - Eh...getting there. I need to be more consistent, but I do love cooking. Our oven is broken so I guess we need to fix that first. Then I'll get more into it.

17) Finish the entertainment center - DONE!

18) Register to vote in St. Louis City - DONE!

19) Fly somewhere 1st class - Not done. Haven't thought about it. I'll do it though. Maybe not this year, but I'll do it!

20) Go on a cruise - not done. Hopefully we'll do this when I graduate too. Man, I have a lot of trips on this list!

21) Make my own recipe - not done. I have no idea where to start either...maybe I'll make a special pizza or something...

22) Go back to the Signature Room in Chicago - Not done. And won't happen this summer. Just too much going on. Maybe a winter trip before I start school full time in the winter.

23) Go on a family vacation with my family - not done. But I think we are getting closer and closer to this one. I'll have to convince them to do a cruise or go to Chicago or something so I can knock another one off my list!

24) Learn photo shop - Not done. I have to do this still and I don't think my sis has photo shop anymore...hmm, I'll have to call her!

25) Be in the audience at the Ellen DeGeneres show - Not done. This will be a tough one, but I'm determined to make it to the show!

26) Get into exercising consistently three times a week - Not done. We had to cancel the YMCA to save money and it's so hot, but I really hope to do this soon. There's always tomorrow!

27) Reach my goal weight. - Definitely not done. But I have to do it...

28) Try every beer on the list at Growler's . But I have started!! I have about 28 done I believe. My name is on the wall! (It says KONES in case you were curious and want to find it!)

29) Read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. - This is a different one from before. I've tried reading them a few times and stopped. But I love the movies and LOVE to read and LOVE the Harry Potter and Twilight series and I think this is right up my alley. I just started the Fellowship of the Ring and I'm hoping to have that done by the end of September. We'll see once school starts how much reading I get done...

30) Become a nurse!! In theory this should be done in the next two years..we'll see!

So that's where I stand...not a lot of changes but I think it's still mainly doable. I'll keep you posted!!

Hopefully I'll get at least 2 of these done this week! (the Godfather and Gone with the Wind).

~Soul Surfer~

Nick and I had our own little version of a date night last night. It wasn't very exciting, but it was just us. We stayed up late (for us) and put the kids to bed by 8:30 and rented a movie off of On Demand. We rented Soul Surfer.

For those of you who don't know, it's an amazing true story of a girl in Hawaii who was attacked by a shark. She lost her left arm and had to learn to do everything with just one arm, and I mean everything. It's amazing how many things take two arms/hands. I take for granted that I can just put my hair up in a ponytail anytime I want. In fact, it's a bad habit of mine to take my hair down and re-do my ponytail like once or twice every 20 minutes or so. I'm constantly messing with my hair.

One of the things that Bethany Hamilton was determined to do, was surf again. And it's such an emotional story. It's amazing the determination and faith that she has while adjusting to this new life.

I've been emotional lately so of course I cried. But it was a great story and a great movie.

I recommend it if you get a chance.

Happy Date Night to us! :) Hopefully we'll get another date night one of these days. Maybe we'll actually even get to leave the house!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Old Grandpa"

My grandfather refers to himself as "Old Grandpa" when talking to Cecilia and Dominick. It's pretty cute and the kids feed right into it, calling my dad "Grandpa" and my Grandpa "Old Grandpa". Well this past Thursday was "Old Grandpa's" 85th Birthday!

My dad put together a "small" (turned into 65 people I think!) surprise party for him at their country club yesterday. I had to work from 7 am to 7:30 pm but I made sure I was changed and waiting at the time clock at 7:30, ready to run to my car and get on my way to the festivities.

It was a blast! I got there around 8 and my grandpa sure can party. I ate a little food and then it was time for cake. Dominick was a bit of a stinker last night so I held him most of the time but when it came time to sing to Old Grandpa, Cecilia was in a great mood and Old Grandpa was able to hold her and she helped blow out the candles! I was exhausted pretty quick and so was Dominick but we hung out with the birthday boy until about 10ish and then headed home.

We all slept good last night! And slept in a bit this morning too!

Happy 85th Birthday Grandpa! We all love you so much and can't wait until next year to celebrate your 86th!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


My goal this month is to blog at least every other day. Or every day if I can.

I don't have much to report, but I'll tell you about my wonderful kids.

Dom is doing great. He's so smart and so funny. This morning when I brought him to Ms. Stella's, I was wearing glasses. He looked at my with a funny look when he got out of the car and I asked him, "Why are you looking at me funny?" and he replied, "Not looking at YOU Momma. I'm looking at your glasses!". I laughed and said, "Are my glasses ok?" and he said, "Yes. I think I like them.". What a goof!

He's HUGE! Almost 42" tall and running around like crazy. He plays great by himself and has a crazy imagination. He LOVES his sissy more than anything in the world and if she cries, he runs straight over to her to make it all better.

We are so lucky to have him.

Annabelle is perfect too. She's getting to be at such a fun age. She's smiling and laughing and putting EVERYTHING in her mouth. She is such a happy baby and we are shocked by that. We thought Dom was our good baby and that our next one was bound to have colic or something. Nope. She's just perfect!

Nick and I have been stressed a lot lately with money. I don't make much at the hospital and I'm going to school and everything. But we'll be ok. We just have to make it another year and a half. We've been cutting a lot of things out (like cutting back on cable and not eating out EVER) and we'll be fine. Just one day at a time.

I'm really enjoying working at the hospital and can't wait until May when I'll know enough and move from a unit secretary to a student nurse tech! Then I'll be able to get vitals and do actual medical stuff like that! That's not too far away!

Until then, I'll just keep working, studying and clipping coupons! :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Life is too short

I'm sorry I'm not blogging a lot lately. It's been tough. I'm getting used to a whole new life with two kids and a whole new schedule of working 12 hour shifts. I'm hoping to get back to blogging this month. But nothing I've been going through compares to what friends of mine have been going through and I have to tell their story.

This is a post that I have to write.

GREAT friends of ours C & D, have a beautiful daughter, Gwen. Her birthday is August 24th. This month, she'll be one.

So far in her short little life, she's learned to sit up. To crawl. She's gotten some teeth. She's learned to laugh and smile.

And she's gotten leukemia.

She was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myleocytic Leukemia) on April 24th, 2011, her 8 month birthday. She was admitted to St. Louis Children's Hospital, one of the best children's hospitals in the nation. Things were going great for her for a bit. But as of late, they've turned much worse.

C&D found out this past weekend that this cancer has turned from treatable to terminal and any further treatment would be more harmful than helpful. So it is with a heavy heart that they decided to end all treatments and just enjoy the little time they have left with their daughter.

They at least have the comfort of knowing that they did everything right. There wasn't a single thing to do differently. As soon as they noticed something out of ordinary with Gwen, they went to the doctor and got her diagnosed immediately with AML. They started fighting aggressively and started the chemo right away. They fought long and hard and unfortunately this was just something that couldn't be beaten.

It's so hard to think about; life is just too short.

It goes against the grain to bury a child. It's just not supposed to happen. I love my parents more than anything in the world. I don't want to ever bury them. EVER. But I can understand it. It's a part of life. People get old. They get sick. They die. But not 11 month old babies. I can't understand that. I can't accept that.

Hug your kids a little tighter tonight. Give them extra kisses. Let them eat that chocolate right before bed and let them stay up an extra ten minutes. Because life is too short. You just never know what's going to happen...

We are still saying prayers for you Gwen. Miracles happen every day and I'm a big believer in that. I'm still praying for C&D too. I believe there is a reason for everything. I have no idea what the reason would be for you two to have to go through this, but I believe there is a reason. Stay strong. We love you all.