Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My sleepy man

So some day, Dominick will kill me for posting these pictures but I can't help it.

This morning, around 7:15, I had to wake Dominick up to get ready. He was VERY sleepy today! I got him out of bed, and put him on the changing table. He immediately rolled over and fell back asleep...

Look how LONG he is! He is longer than the changing table now!

I had to take a picture because he was cute. But then we had to get ready. So I rolled him back over and started to change his diaper. I got his old diaper off, and he immediately rolled back over and fell asleep again!

I had to take a picture. He's just so cute! Then I rolled him back over and made him get dressed. After we headed downstairs, he was already waking up and talking and laughing. But my goodness, he was a sleepy little man this morning!

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