Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Big talker!!

Gretchen is talking up a storm!!! It's amazing really. Her favorite things to "say" are da da da, ba ba ba and ga ga ga. I'm still trying to get her to say mama but so far no dice! What a big girl! Annabelle better hurry up or Gretchen will be talking before her!

And speaking of Annabelle, we were told at her 2 year appointment to call Missouri First Steps program to get her evaluated for speech therapy. I've finally called and made that appointment and they will be coming on Friday! She's doing better with speech but still behind so I'm really looking forward to that appointment and seeing what they say. I'll keep you posted!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013



She's not very good at it yet, but she can do it! She only does it for a few scoots but she does it and I'm so proud and happy that I got to be there for it! Finally! Something I got to see!

My baby girl is growing up!!! She did it on Easter Sunday morning (3/31/13 - for the baby book) trying to steal Easter eggs from the older kids. ;-) Good girl!

17 more days!

I know I keep saying that I'll be back and blogging but school and work keep dragging me down! :) Right now I'm officially done with classes (woohoo!) but at the hospital 56 hours a week (36 for my preceptorship and 20 for work) so I'm never home and when I am it's either sleeping, cleaning (rare) or just seeing my family. So I swear, eventually I will be blogging again.

But for the meantime, be excited that I passed all my tests and I'm graduating with a decent GPA! And just excited to be graduating in general. I have only 4 shifts left in my preceptorship. Two this weekend and two next weekend. I have an interview next week. And, again, I'm graduating! So things are finally looking up! And I get to see my kids and my husband again. So I'm thrilled.

17 more days. And they can't come fast enough!