Friday, January 14, 2011

New Zodiac Sign...?

Well Happy Birthday to me! I woke up this morning a Capricorn and just found out that now I'm a Sagittarius. I'm not sure how I feel about this...

After a lot of reading (yes, I need to know why I changed signs, darnit!) I found out that the tropical zodiac hasn't changed since it follows the seasons, however if you don't follow the tropical zodiac and you follow the zodiac based on constellations (the sidereal zodiac), then your sign probably changed. I don't know which one I follow (some websites say US follows the tropical and others say otherwise), but I know that I'm sure glad I didn't follow a craze and get a tattoo of a ram or other Capricorn related objects on my body!

This article from a CNN blog says that most likely your sign didn't change at all and that Westerners follow the tropical zodiac.

But if you follow the sidereal zodiac or something like that and you are wondering if your sign changed, see below. I have a list of the old dates and the new ones. It's really crazy because my friend Mike told me about this when we got to work and he said his sign didn't change. I looked it up and me, Dominick and Nick's signs ALL changed!

Dominick is now a Capricorn (was an Aquarius - and has an ADORABLE onesie he got from his Godmother that says Aquarius on it...)
Nick is now a Gemini (was a Cancer)
I am now a Sagittarius (was a Capricorn)

I guess it doesn't matter because we follow the tropical zodiac or something, but I'm still not 100% sure about that either...

The Old Zodiac Signs
Aquarius: Jan 20 – Feb 18
Pisces: Feb 19 – March 20
Aries: March 21 – April 19
Taurus: April 20 – May 20
Gemini: May 21 – June 20
Cancer: June 21 – July 22
Leo: July 23 – August 22
Virgo: August 23 – Sept 22
Libra: Sept 23 – Oct 22
Scorpio: Oct 23 – Nov 21
Sagittarius: Nov 22 – Dec 21
Capricorn: Dec 22 – Jan 19

The New Zodiac Sign Dates:
Capricorn: Jan. 20 – Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 16 – March 11
Pisces: March 11- April 18
Aries: April 18- May 13
Taurus: May 13- June 21
Gemini: June 21- July 20
Cancer: July 20- Aug. 10
Leo: Aug. 10- Sept. 16
Virgo: Sept. 16- Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 30- Nov. 23
Scorpio: Nov. 23- Nov. 29
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29- Dec. 17
Sagittarius: Dec. 17- Jan. 20

So now I need to figure out what being a Sagittarius means...

I know that the Sagittarius is the Archer and it's a picture of a centaur (half human, half horse) holding a bow and arrow. At least that's pretty cool.

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