Wednesday, April 13, 2011

House Updates

So as you know, we've been working on our first floor for just over two months. Today, the painting got done. And I LOVE it. It's a little out there. Nick and I like some crazy things, but I'm really liking it.

The first thing we did was have our painter add a texture to all the walls and ceiling. We had replaced some plaster with drywall and needed texture to make it look uniform and to match the overall feeling of the house. We love what he did.

Here's a few pictures of it before any paint went on the walls:

He did that on Monday. Then today he came back to paint. We did two walls "Midas Touch" or a yellow-y gold color, then all the other walls "Dante's Ridge" or a bluish/grey color and finally we painted the ceiling "Wishbone", a brownish color. It seems like that wouldn't all go, but I think it does. In the mini-hall we have, we did the blue on the walls and the yellow on the ceiling to keep it lighter in there since there are no windows.

Here are the quick pictures I've taken of the colors on a few of the walls:

In the corner of the living room, showing where all three colors meet. The yellow wall will have our china cabinet against it.

The hall area, showing the yellow ceiling with the blue walls.

The area by the fireplace showing the blue walls with the brown ceiling and our white crown molding.

Tomorrow I'm going to try and have all the furniture back in place so Nick doesn't have to do anything. We'll see if I can recruit some help to get that done!

So, without furniture or any other pictures, what do you think?? Yay, or Neigh? :)


Les said...

I'm a BIG fan of ceilings being painted an off-white shade to make the white wood work stand out more too! LOVE the crown molding!!

Kate said...

This looks really good. I wouldn't have thought to put the colors together, but they work together well. I'm so impressed that you're redecorating with a baby! We've been in our house for almost 7 years (moved in when my youngest was 6 months old) and still most of our walls don't have pictures on them!