Sunday, February 12, 2012


So a LOT has happened in this past week. Some of which I can talk about and some of which I can't even say yet. It's just been a crazy crazy week.

But let's go ahead and talk about the stuff we can talk about.

Last Wednesday we had to put Brady down. It was a hard decision but one we had to make. One we actually didn't make on our own. The vet took a look at Brady and tried to find something good to tell us but there was nothing good to say. It was his time. The last week of Brady's life was crazy how quickly it turned around. He was playing with a ball again and eating and trying to run even while on the meds. But then something happened. He started throwing up. He stopped eating again. Then he lost complete control of his back legs. Complete control. Nick and I were carrying him everywhere. It was tough. But we made the right decision and Brady is no longer in pain and playing with Yosha in Doggie Heaven. :)

Thursday was an emotional day. It started off sad because we were sad that Brady wasn't with us anymore. Then some other stuff happened which I'm not quite ready to talk about yet and that made me really emotional all day. And finally I had my first lab check off that afternoon. I had to draw blood, start an IV and insert a foley catheter on a practice patient. I was so nervous I thought I might throw up on the mannequin! But I didn't and I accomplished that goal. So it was a nice ending to a crazy day. Or almost nice ending. That night I also got an email from work that since I was hired to work 24 hours a week, I can't cut back to 16 hours a week even though I'm in school full time. So things are about to get even crazier this year...Way crazier...

Friday was another tough day. Bridget came over to do our online test in the morning. We got her test done and she left and when I went to take my test, blackboard logged me off and wouldn't let me back on to finish...I thought I was going to fail! I was freaking out. We decided to get out of the house for a bit and went to Costco and visited my parents for a little bit. That night I wasn't feeling great so I laid down while Nick watched the kids.

Saturday my test was back and available. Nick went hunting in the morning with our neighbor, Jeff, so I was on my own with the kids. When Annabelle went down for a nap, I took my test. I got a 90%. :) Then I got an email from my teacher saying that the grading was wrong and my grade would change...but it went up so I'm ok with that!

Saturday night I still felt pretty crappy so we didn't do much but went over to Nick's mom's after dinner. We stayed there for a bit and then just came home and went to bed.

Today has been way too lazy on my part. I have 3 tests this week and 1 test a week from tomorrow. I've done next to no studying. I just still feel like crap. I have NO motivation to study at all. Nick keeps telling me to grab my stuff and just leave to go somewhere else to study and I might have to. He's watching the kids downstairs right now so I can study...and what am I doing?? Updating the 2 people who actually read this on what's going on in my life!

Well I better get back to studying, but will try to upload our new pictures from this year so far and post those this week.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I'm on a super quick break at school right now, so I thought I'd write a quick post about Brady.

He's not doing all. He's been struggling to walk recently. And not just kind of struggling, but like NOT walking. Nick carries him up the stairs at night and I have to help him get up to go outside. Nick took him to the vet a few weeks ago and got him some meds, and he did great right after we started those. He was like a whole new puppy! Running and playing. But after a week or two on those, and he's right back where he was. Worse even because now he's also throwing up. No walking, no eating, and now throwing up.

I hate to think about it. I love this dog so much. And we might have to put him down. We will never let our dogs suffer. When Yosha got really sick, we hated to do it, but we had to put him down. We thought it would be YEARS before having to think about doing that again. But here we are just 3 short years after putting Yosha down.

I think we need to sit down today and talk it out. But I won't let him suffer. Poor puppy.

Say some prayers for Brady! I think he really needs them...