Monday, May 31, 2010

What a Weekend!

What a busy holiday weekend!! So much went on and I don't know how to condense it to one post...but I'll try!

Friday was a weird day. We got home from work (together since Nick picked me up) and there was a note on our front door. A handwritten note that just said,
"Please call us when you get home. PO - And then a name and number (which I won't post on this public blog)".

Weird. So I kind of freaked out. I didn't know who it was but this person was obviously on our front porch and I didn't want to call them. I told Nick we weren't calling it. So we went on with our night. Nick was going to go out with my sister and Andrew and I was going out with the girls to see Sex and the City 2.

Nick was upstairs when I heard a loud knocking on the front door. I went to the door and there was a boy (about 15 or 16) on my front porch holding two leashes with two dogs on them. Do you wanna guess what two dogs were on those leashes?? Yup. My dogs. They both got out. The boy asked, "Are these your dogs? I found them down the street". Well thank goodness he did! Ruby can take up to an hour to catch. And that's if we know where she is to start. I had no idea they got out! I went to give him money but he said no and he left. Before he went down the steps he told me that our back gate was open.

That freaked me out. Our gate doesn't have a latch. So Nick had to set up a bunch of cinder blocks to keep the gate closed so the dogs won't get out. So someone came into our yard and moved the cinder blocks.

I called my Dad and asked if he thought I should call the number. We tried doing some research to find out who the number was when Nick figured it out. PO. It stands for police officer. I work in a manufacturing company. The only thing that PO means to me is Purchase Order! So Nick called the number. He was right. It was a police officer. Our neighbor saw someone take our lawnmower out of our back yard and just walk it to their car like it was nothing.

That annoys me. The thing that really annoyed me was this officer told me that the neighbor had seen this very young man going into people yards and looking in their cars, garages, windows etc. but didn't want to call the police because they would seem racist. The young man was black and the neighbor was white....are you kidding?? It's not racist!! If someone who doesn't live at my house (and we know this neighbor) and they are looking in my windows and stealing my lawnmower, you better call the police! I would do it. I don't care who it is. If they don't live here, they shouldn't be in the yard. Period. And if they have a valid reason, the worst that happens is they have to answer a few questions. If you see someone in your neighbors yard who doesn't belong, just call the police.

After they saw them go down the street with the lawnmower, they decided to call. They didn't catch the guy but we have his description and we're to call the police if we see him. It's kind of ironic because the lawnmower was broken. We were getting ready to take it in. Oh well! I guess now we'll get a new one.

After dealing with that whole fiasco, I met up with the girls. We went to Vito's for dinner and then to the Moolah Theater to see the movie. I had heard such bad things about the movie that I was expecting it to be awful! And while it wasn't "movie of the year" or anything, it was much better than I expected so win-win!

I got home around midnight and just went to bed.

Saturday was a busy day! It started like any Saturday. My mom drove down to my house and we went to Weight Watchers. The only difference was that this week, Nick was golfing so Dom had to come to our meeting with us. He started off so good! But then things went south and he and I spent the meeting in the waiting area. (On the plus side, I lost 3.0 lbs!)

After WW, my mom took Dommie home with her so I could get my house ready. We were having a big dinner at our house. Me, Nick, Dom, Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Jean, Grandma, Angela and Cecilia. It was going to be a full house!

The house was basically clean, but I had to do my grocery shopping and my prep work for the meal. Then I had to finish the cleaning and set the table etc. I also had NINE bags of clothes to donate to Good Will.

Luckily, all this got done with minutes to spare and the whole dinner turned out fantastic! We had a great meal with an AMAZING weight watchers dessert. I'm going to post the recipe because it was so good.

Mixed Berry Crumble:
2 cups blueberries
2 cups raspberries
1/2 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup flour
1 stick butter, melted

Preheat oven to 350*.
In a bowl mix the brown sugar and flour.
In another bowl, combine the berries. Take 2 tbsp of the flour/sugar mixture and toss with the berries.
Add the melted butter to the mixture to create a "crumble".
Spread the berries evenly in a 8" glass dish.
Spread the "crumble" mixture on top of the berries.
Bake for 35-40 minutes or until the juices bubble.

Makes 8 servings. Each serving is 4 points.


The meal went well and I think everyone had a great time!

Our Sunday was a lazy day! We literally did nothing all day. In the late afternoon we went out to West County Mall for me to get a new swimsuit top. I knew we were going to be swimming on Monday and needed a good top for the suit. One that made me feel good and not self-conscious all the time.

After shopping, we went home to let Dommie nap, and then we went to Nick's mom's house for a BBQ. Dommie LOVES Nani's house. She has a play house in the backyard and it's Dom's favorite. We played in the yard for awhile while Nick grilled some burgers. We had a delicious dinner.

After dinner I suggested we go to the batting cages. Nick and I joined a softball team and I'm not so good at the hitting! We all loaded in the car (Nick, Me, Nani, Dom and Uncle Rob) and went to Tower Tee. Nick, Rob and I took turns hitting in the medium arc, slow pitch softball cage. We did pretty good! I told Rob he should join our team!

After batting, we went to a Sno Cone stand near Nick's mom's house. I hadn't had a snow cone in years! It was delicious. And it was the perfect treat after a hot night playing softball. It brought me back to my childhood when we would play outside until dark and then go to Doozle's as a family for a cold treat. It was a great end to a summer night.

Ah Monday... The end of a long holiday weekend. It started off busy. Nick and Angela were doing the Memorial Day 10K in University City. It started at 7:30. My mom and I were doing the 5K, which started at 9. I dropped Dominick off at Nani's around 7:45 (Nick rode with my sister earlier) and then I picked up Andrew and Cecilia. We headed to U City and walked up to the finish line to see Nick and Ang finish their race. They did great! Both of them finished their 6.2 miles in under an hour! Nick did really well, finishing with a pace of under 9 minutes per mile!

Then it was our turn. Mom and I got into our position at the 5K start and away we went. I was really impressed by mom! She ran for the first 2 minutes or so! Then we started our walk/run strategy. We did pretty well but it was HOT. And there was only one water station, so that made it hard. I think we finished right around 42 minutes. Not bad for walk/running!

After the race, Nick and I went to get Dom and then we packed our bags and headed to my parents house to utilize the pool. I love their pool. It's so perfect. It's a salt water pool so you don't have the chlorine smell or eye irritation. It's so nice and relaxing. We swam for about an hour and then grilled some hot dogs.

It was the perfect ending to a perfect holiday weekend...Unfortunately, that means it's back to work! Hopefully this week flies by!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Repeat Dommie

Dominick is so cute now and repeating words all the time now. He doesn't know what all the words mean but he does say them. I guess that's a start!

Yesterday, before the episode, Dommie and I went to the grocery store. When we were walking from the car to the store, Dommie pointed to a car and said, "UH" his word/sound he uses for anything and everything.

I told him it was a "car". Dommie looked at me, looked at the car and said, "Car!". I got so excited that he got so excited and he started pointing to all vehicles and saying "Car!" at all of them. I kept telling him how smart he was.

Then he looked at a bike and said, "Car!". I told him, "No, buddy. That's a bike. Can you say bike?" and Dominick looked at me and said, "bike!".

I cheered him on and told him how smart he was again.

Then he started calling everything "Bike" and "Car" and it didn't matter what it was!

So he doesn't quite know what certain words mean yet, but he can say them! One step at a time. :-)

Scariest "Episode" Yet

Dominick passed out again last night. But this time it was terrifying.

Nick and Dominick were playing on the couch in our new part of the kitchen. Dommie was laying on his back and Nick was tickling him. Nick turned his head for just a few seconds and Dominick rolled off the couch. Now, normally Dom is really good about getting on and off the couch. He turns and goes slow feet first to get down, but this time he just rolled over and fell right off.

I think it scared him more than it hurt him. He had a red mark on his shoulder and a small red mark on his cheek, but I don't think he landed too badly. It was loud though and it scared him.

He started screaming and I left the stove and ran over to help Nick. After one or two good screams, Dom held his breath. We tried blowing on his face (which supposedly surprises the child and has them take a breath) and that didn't work. We tried talking to him, rocking him, but he wouldn't breathe. He held his breath for almost a minute.

Then he passed out. Now when I said he passed out the previous two times, it was nothing like this. Those times, he held his breath and then his eyes rolled back and his head bobbed and before his head would hit my shoulder, he would be opening his eyes again. It would take him a few minutes to get back to normal but he was breathing pretty much right away after the whole incident started.

Not this time. His eyes rolled back and his head fell back and he was out cold. Nick pulled Dom's head to his shoulder and we waited...and waited and waited. Dominick was out cold for about 30 seconds. This may be a short time to you, but when you are watching your child and waiting for him to wake back up, it's an eternity.

Luckily he woke back up and although he was still upset, we could tell he was fine. I held him for the next 15-20 minutes, nice and close and when it was time for us to eat dinner, he was talking and laughing again.

Every time something like this happens, it just makes me love him even more, if that's possible. I can't believe how much I love that little man and I would do anything and everything for him. I'm an extremely lucky person that I get to be his mother.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Celebrity Apprentice

Not sure if any of you out there watched this season of The Celebrity Apprentice, but I did and was a HUGE fan of the whole season. The season finale was last night. Don't worry, just in case you DVR'd it and want to go home and watch it, I won't give anything away, or any results anyway.

Their last task (which started last week) was to create a new Snapple drink, create an ad for it, create a 30 second commercial for it, and do a presentation on it.

Bret Michaels has Type I Diabetes, so he did a diet Snapple drink.

This morning I stepped on the scale and realized that Weight Watchers isn't a diet for me. It truly is a lifestyle. In the last 4-5 weeks, I've gained almost 10 lbs back. I haven't been following the plan at all. I've been eating fast food and eating ice cream and yesterday I drank a REGULAR SODA!?! So, I went to the grocery store last night and I'm back on plan.

The reason I told you all this is because right when I walked into Schnucks this morning, there was a Snapple stand set up. And on that stand were cases and cases of the Celebrity Apprentice flavors. Since the Bret Michaels version was diet, I had to get it!

So I bought it and have already had one and it's fantastic!! I highly recommend the Trop*A*Rocka Diet Snapple!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sixteen Months Old!

Dommie is 16 months old today! I can't believe he's so old and so big! I swear we just had his first birthday party. But we didn't. That was four months ago. It's just insane how fast time flies in certain aspects of life. I think days go so slow at work, but then I look at how old my son is and the time is flying again.

I took a ton of pictures last night but until we get that darn cord, I can't post them. So instead, just believe that Dommie is cute and big and grown up!

Happy Sixteen Month Birthday Dom!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Beat Up

I'm in a basketball league on Wednesday nights and I'm getting beat up. I've come to the realization that I'm not as strong as I used to be. I get knocked around like you wouldn't believe. I might need to start lifting weights again!

Here is a picture of my 'good knee' from the game Wednesday:

Now here is what my knee looked like Wednesday night after bball:

You can kind of see the bruising I think. I could definitely feel it that night!!

And finally, here is a picture of what my knee looks like right now:

And before anyone comments that I should wear knee pads, I can't wear knee pads. I never will wear knee pads. No offense to anyone who does wear knee pads, but I'll take the bruises any day. I just can't play in knee pads!

A Few Pictures

I don't have the camera working yet, but I do have some pictures left on my phone that I haven't posted yet, so here they are.

I have no order to them, they're just the pictures I had still on my phone.
This is a picture of Dommie with his favorite Teddy Bear. He got it from his Great-Grandpa and he LOVES it. He sleeps with him and loves to cuddle him in the morning.

Here is a picture of Ruby and Brady right before bed. Even though Ruby drives me crazy, she's a sweet puppy and Brady loves her.

This is a picture of Dommie in his Nani's backyard. He loves the little swingset and slide she has and he loves to climb. I love this picture because he looks so grown up, doesn't he??

I found the camera cord online, I think. Now I just have to double check that it's the right one and we'll order it.

I can't wait to have REAL pictures from the camera! No more camera phone!

Dancing Fool!

Like I mentioned in my last post, Dommie is a dancing fool! He loves it. As soon as he hears music, he starts "rocking out".

Here is a video I took of him with my phone one night while helping Abbie paint her new bedroom!

Isn't he hilarious!!??

No news

I feel like I haven't blogged in a really long time. But I don't have anything new to blog about! Especially since I still don't have a camera cord. I'm looking at them right now though. Hopefully I will get one soon.

I have a wedding to go to tomorrow and Dommie is invited. He's going to the reception with us until dancing starts and then my mom is going to come get him. I'm so excited because Dom LOVES to dance. He loves music and he loves dancing. He even likes to sing. We watch American Idol together and he's so cute because when songs end, he immediately starts clapping and yelling, "YAY!". He's so precious.

I'll try to take lots of pictures and get that new camera cord.

Hoping to have more to update soon!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I just noticed that my blog count has reached over 10,000!! How fun!!

I'm planning on getting a new cord for my camera ASAP so I'll start posting pics again soon too.

Thanks for visiting everyone!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ferguson 5K

My family is really getting into running! This past Saturday was the Ferguson 5K. Originally, my mom registered herself, my sister, Nick and me for the 5K. Angela and I were each going to push a jogging stroller and bring the kids along. However, so many people registered for the 5K that no strollers were allowed on the course. So we had to make a new plan.

There was also a 1 mile 'fun run' starting an hour before the 5K. So instead, my friend, Michelle, and I ran the 1 mile run and then we took the kids while the others did the 5K. This was a great plan!

Michelle and I got up to the race a little early so she could register and then we took our positions at the starting line. To be perfectly honest, we didn't think we were going to run the whole thing. But we did! When the race started, we started talking and running and before we knew it, we were at the half mile marker. Now, there's no way I could have done the 5K. I'm just not in that good of shape anymore. But the 1 mile race was perfect! A TON of kids beat us but only 1 adult beat us, so that was pretty cool. We came in 2nd/3rd for people over 10 or so. :-)

After we were done, we went to Ray Hill's Brewing Co. Restaurant for a much needed beer and relaxation. We weren't there for long when my sister, Momma, and Nick showed up with the kiddos. It was their turn to run and our turn to watch the kids. I took Cecilia and Michelle took Dominick.

At first Cecilia was really upset that her Mommy was leaving so we ordered some food for a distraction. That was the best idea ever. As soon as their dinner came (cheese pizza and french fries) they dug right in!! They were chattering and eating and having a good old time.

And our 5K runners did great!!

Angela: 52nd place overall Chip Time: 24:29 Pace per mile: 7:53
Nick: 57th place overall Chip Time: 25:01 Pace per mile: 8:03
Momma: 333rd place overall Chip Time: 38:06 Pace per mile: 12:16

There were 579 people overall who did the 5K so our runners did amazing!!

It was a great time. After they came back, we got a big table and we all had dinner together (Adam came up and joined us too). The food was amazing and we had a blast!

I'm loving all these things my family is getting into doing together! We have so much fun. Now if we could just get my Dad to come too....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Big Boy

Dominick seemed so old to me today. Not a baby, but a toddler.

Lately he's been going through a Mommy-only stage where he screams if I leave the room. He clings to my legs in the morning while I get ready and wants to be carried everywhere we go. We're trying to break him of his "needs to be carried" everywhere phase right now. He's a good walker. Great even. He's just very clingy.

This week, every day I bring Dom to Ms. Stella's (or La-la's as Dommie calls her!) he clings to me and screams when I put him down. Stella told me that by the time I get to my car, he's fine, and I believe her. He just has his moments lately.

Well today was a different story. I brought him to Stella's and put him down. He immediately went to play with his little friend, Charlie. When I was getting ready to leave, I asked him, "Dommie? Can I have a hug?". He RAN over to me and gave me a big hug. Then I said, "Bye buddy. Be good today". He looked at me, smiled and said, "Bye bye" and then ran off to play with Charlie.

He's getting so big and growing up so fast! Where does the time go....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Basketball Recap

I got an email this morning from a teammate on my basketball team. It was a forwarded email about our last game.

I don't think I blogged about our last game, but it was physical! Crazy physical. And I had just come from the doctor where I got a hormone injection and had to get a few vials of blood drawn. I was exhausted and feeling sick the whole game (which was probably the beginning of my little bug that lasted 5 days!). It was rough. But we won and that's always a good feeling. We only had 4 people and the other team had EIGHT!! And instead of playing us 4 on 4, like most teams do, they played 5 on 4 the WHOLE GAME!

Here's the unofficial recap from Big Al:

Here is the official game report with pictures (from the official team photographer) of the stunning and dominating win by the I Dubs over a big, nasty, 8 player team with a strong desire to crush anything Incarnate. The team features Angie Lewis of Lafayette and SLU fame among others. The I Dubs showed up with only 4 players and try as they might at the last minute were unable to recruit any subs so they had to play with 4. Most teams would have graciously offered to play them 4 on 4, but not this group. Their desire to win at all costs overcame their sportsmanship and a 5 to 4 advantage would insure victory. When one of their girls did offer to play with the I Dubs, one of her teammates shouted that she would be a loser if she did that, because they (the I Dubs) were going to lose, so she went back to the bench with the score 10 to 10 saying she thought the I Dubs were doing just fine at that point.

As the game unfolded the I Dubs slowly increased the lead to 10 points and that's about what it was at half. The game was extremely physical and Meghan spent a lot of the time splattered on the floor. Angie was actually run over by a dump truck wearing a red uniform as she tried to catch a long high pass. (and yes, both teams wore Red so it was extremely hard to tell who was on which team - the ref called the other team the "gold" team) As an indication of the rough stuff it noteworthy that the I Dubs were in the 1 on 1 minutes into the second half and in the double bonus a few minutes later. So, free throws became very important.

Fortunately the I Dubs featured 2 college players, who played for Nancy Fahey, and we all know how Nancy views missed free throws) and Maggie a huge star at Loyola. But, all the girls shot well from the line. A few were missed, probably out of sheer exhaustion, but most were made. I would guess the team shot about 80% from the line.
The I Dub lead was 10 or more thru the rest of the game until the end when they were out of reach and the brick shooters hit a few 3's getting within 6 once, and the game ended with the I Dubs winning by about 10.

The game featured 4 strong individual performances and a lot of teamwork.

Michelle was superb at bringing the ball up most of the time against that intense, rough, fouling, physical defense only a Matthews-Dickey disciple could inflict. She contributed a few points, made her free throws, and was her usual brilliant self as a passer.

Meghan was fresh from a doctor's visit where they apparently held her down and administered a shot of some kind with a needle the size of a railroad spike, and of course this made her woozy and more than a little pissed when the contact started. She contributed many critical baskets, free throws and matched the physical play of her opponent blow for blow. One thing I have always liked about Meghan. She really gets it into gear when somebody has the nerve to challenge her. If you want to see Meghan go to the rack, just pressure her. Goodbye!

Angie has always been a clutch performer. She was a big part of Wash U's first national championship team and her Fahey indoctrination has never left her. She hit quite a few shots while facing the basket, had some "put backs" and played stout defense against the dump truck among others. Also a fine free throw shooter who hit them when they counted most.

Last but not least is Maggie, who was brilliant on offense and especially on defense. She patrolled the lane like an animal sniffing blood, but it was not blood she was was an opponent stupid enough to think she could get a shot off with Maggie around, and there were a lot of idiots out there. Maggie made several severe blocks, the kind that say. "get that thing out of here". The kind that bring the crowd to their feet. Other times she was content with a finesse block with the ball usually ending up in an I Dub's hands. Maggie's rebounding was superb too and of course her offense was magnificent. It was almost impossible to shoot under the hoop against the maulers so Maggie spent a lot of time at the line and she showed that beautiful stroke, making several critical shots when the "gold" team made some mini runs.

But this game was not about individual performances. It was about teamwork, unselfishness, and the guts to suck it up when you were so tired you couldn't move, a condition which struck all the girls early in the first half in spite of their great conditioning. These 4 girls (and Jane when she's there....she was out of town) play together like an orchestra playing Mozart. They make beautiful music. Some of the best passing you will ever see by all the girls and unselfish play make them a joy to watch.

Girls, you covered IWA and yourselves with glory and honor and respect. Great game!!
Big Al
Official team photographer and scribe

Thanks Big Al!!

Here's a few pictures of our team after the game:

We were exhausted!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Photo Tag

Here are the rules:
1. Go to your photo files and select the 8th folder.
2. Select the 8th photo in that folder.
3. Post that picture along with the story behind it.

Well, this is the ONLY belly shot I did all pregnancy! haha. This was taken in the fall and I honestly don't remember how far along I was. I could go back and re-read old posts and find out but that will take too much time.

This picture definitely makes me realize how much I miss being pregnant! There were definitely parts of being pregnant that weren't fun, but overall I miss it!

I'm supposed to "challenge" a few friends to do this as well.

If you can, I challenge:


Happy Tagging!

An *almost* perfect Mother's Day

And the only reason it's an *almost* is because I'm sick. Sick as a dog. And have been since Thursday night. To the point where I've barely gotten out of bed. And when I have gotten out of bed, it's to run to a bathroom!

But back to the "perfect" side of things.

Sunday morning, I got up and went in to get Dominick up. I was trying to let Nick sleep in a little since he had done basically everything since Thursday night, completely on his own. Dommie was all smiles when I went in to get him. We got up and changed his diaper and then went in to jump on Daddy. We played in our room for a bit and then Dommie wanted to play in his room again. I went with him and sat down in the glider. Then Nick called Dommie out to the hall. I closed my eyes for a minute and then heard Dom coming back in.

He was running over to me carrying a card and grinning! It made me smile, he was smiling so big. So I took the card and opened it. As I was reading the card, Nick called Dommie back out to the hall again. I read the card and when I looked up to thank Nick, Dom was running at me with a small bag! I opened the bag and found a great present! $125 gift certificate to the Face and the Body for a massage. I'm so excited to use it. Although I have to wait until I feel well enough to actually enjoy it.

I looked up to thank both of my boys again when Dommie was running at me carrying a bouquet of flowers. This time I didn't just smile. I started to cry. It was so sweet. I don't know when Nick did all of this since he had to take care of me, Dom, the dogs and the house! It was also so sweet because the bouquet was kind of big and Dommie was struggling a bit with carrying them. So cute.

I had such a great Mother's Day. I'm so thankful for my two boys.

That was just my Mother's Day. We also had brunch at my sister's for my Mom and dinner at Nick's sister's for Nick's Mom.

I'm so thankful for my Momma. She's so great and will do anything for us, I know it. She's a great mother and an amazing Grandmother.

I'm also thankful for Nick's Mom. I hear horror stories about people hating their Mother-in-Law's. I don't hate mine at all. Sue is great. She takes care of all of us, and has her hands full with 6 grandkids, but still makes all of them feel special.

Happy (late) Mother's Day to all the Mom's (and soon to be Mom's!) out there! I hope your day was as great as mine was.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Ashley's Birthday Dinner

On Saturday night, a bunch of my friends and I went out for my friend Ashley's birthday. She chose Trattoria Branica in Kirkwood. It was really fun. The food was delicious, and the wine was even better! haha. There was also a little 3 man band and they played some great music!!

Here are a few pictures of us hanging out. I love all my friends, I honestly do. We need to do more dinners like this one!

This is me, Ashley W and Ashley H.

Me and all my girls (minus Leslie - sorry Les!!)

Me and my GORGEOUS husband, Nick.

Us girls giving Ash some 'belly love'.

Happy 26th Ash! Hope you had a great time!

PS - this was also a great time because of the dress I'm wearing...I hadn't fit into that dress since 2007!! WOOHOO!

Mom's Birthday

Saturday was my Momma's birthday. So we made a day of it.

My mom came to my house at 7:40 for our weekly weight watchers meeting. After our meeting, we headed to my sister's house with Dom. After we got there, we ALL (Angela, Cecilia, Mom, Dom and me) piled into my mom's car and drove to Forest Park. Saturday was the first day where they were closing streets to walkers/joggers/bikers, etc. I think there are 4 more scheduled for this summer.

So we started at Forest Park and started walking. We walked 6 miles! It was a lot of fun just talking and seeing our beautiful city.

We ended up in the Central West End and went to Duff's for lunch. It was such great food!

Afterward, we dropped Angie off, mom dropped me off and she headed home.

It was a simple but really fun birthday celebration!

PS - side note, while at lunch, my sister sneaked in to tell the waitress it was my Mom's birthday and see if they had any desserts or anything. The waitress replied, "Sure. I can bring out some ice cream. Which one is your mom?"

WHAT?? Excuse me?? I think my mom looks FANTASTIC but do I honestly look old enough to have a 34 year old daughter??? I certainly hope not!!


What a night, Friday night!

Nick and I didn't do much. We got home, picked up Dommie, and settled in for a night at home. Dom went down pretty early and Nick and I started watching the Cardinals game. Well, the weather was awful. There was all kinds of thunder and lightning. I was shocked Dominick didn't wake up!

The dogs HATE storms. Hate them. They pace and pant and just can't sit still or sleep. As soon as the Cards game went to a rain delay (around 8:45 I think), Nick and I headed upstairs. We looked out our front window and saw how hard the rain was flowing down our front steps. Nick decided to use this opportunity to make sure the back sewage drain wasn't clogged. That's how our basement flooded a year ago. While he was outside, I was listening to the radio.

They put a tornado warning in St. Louis City. I've heard tornado warnings before, but this one scared me. The man on the radio was saying a tornado touched down near Arnold and to go to a basement immediately. This was around 9:10 pm. When Nick came back upstairs, I was freaking out. Now, for those who know me, you already know how much I HATE storms. I hate them. They freak me out. Well, this was no exception.

I told Nick that we needed to go to the basement. He told me I was crazy. He said if the sirens go off, we'll head downstairs. So I laid down and Nick went back downstairs to check the inside of the basement door for leaking. He wasn't gone 5 minutes when I heard the sirens going off.

I jumped out of bed, grabbed my cell phone and my glasses and ran to the upstairs hallway. Nick called up to me that now we should go downstairs and to grab Dom. Of course I was going to get him, I was already picking him up when he called up to me. Nick doesn't realize the extent of my 'crazy' when it comes to storms.

I scooped Dom up and we headed for the basement. I thought maybe he would lay on me, on the couch, but I was wrong. He kept rolling away from me until I put him on the floor (on a blanket, on carpet). When I laid him on the blanket he rolled to his belly and curled up in a ball and was out.

We stayed downstairs for about 45-50 minutes and then went back up to our room after the tornado warning was over.

Luckily, all that noise and moving didn't mess with Dom. He still slept in until 7am!