Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

This ice bucket challenge is a crazy thing. It's been going around the internet for awhile and raised a TON of money for the ASL foundation. Our family has avoided being called out publicly but we finally got called out, or at least a few of us did. Both Dominick and I got called out to take the ice bucket challenge. Dominick was challenged by his Nani and I was challenged by my good friend Lauren. We both completed the challenge and decided to spread the wealth and donate to another good cause, Friends of Kids with Cancer. Let me tell you, it was FREEZING and Dominick hated it! He immediately started crying and ran inside. Once we got dry though he was pretty proud of himself. :)

Nick stood by and watched us get drenched in ice water and all he said after it was over is, Thank you for not nominating me!

Happy ice bucket challenging!

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