Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow day!!

Today is a snow day!! I didn't even know that colleges got snow days but apparently they do! I will take it and start my spring break a day early! Woohoo!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New books = new addiction

Nick bought me the book "city of bones" for my birthday and I just finished it today (when I should have been studying) and he bought me the next two for valentines day. I'm obsessed. And it's a bad time to be obsessed with a new book series. ESPECIALLY a series of 10 books! Too much studying to do for that! But if you are looking for a new book and liked twilight or Harry potter, I highly recommend these!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

5 months old!

Time keeps on flying!

Gretchie bear, Gretch the Stretch, Gretchalina, whatever you wanna call her, she's 5 months old today!! She's so big! And she's so happy!!

We've made some changes at our house, and all for the better I think. Annabelle has moved into Dominick's room with him and while we're still adjusting to that, I think that's going to be great. It's hard getting them to go down at night since they can distract each other, but it's better because Dom gets scared being downstairs alone. Now they are both down there and he loves having her in there. She loves being in there. They are doing well with sharing toys and she's talking more I think now that they talk each other to sleep (which we're going to have to work on....).

Now that Gretchen has her own room, she's been sleeping through the night again (until the last two night, but I think that's because her cough came back), so that's good. Also, we switched her formula to the GentleEase and now she doesn't spit up anymore (or barely spits up anymore), so YAY all around for those things!

She's not doing too many more things than 4 months. She's been rolling over since 4 months so that's not new, although I may not have blogged about it. She's been doing rice cereal by spoon and doing pretty well with that. One of these days I'm going to make some baby food and get her started on some veggies, but I just haven't had the time and I'm not buying her baby food. I'll probably do that tomorrow night after my class. Start her off with some peas or carrots. Yum!

She likes to chew on things and she's begun to suck on her thumb. Annabelle and Dom both did that for about a week so we'll see if actually becomes a thumb sucker or if this is a temporary thing as well.

She's a big girl. She's been in 3-6 month clothes for awhile now and seems to get longer and longer every day. She's a great baby. I took her to her first basketball game over the weekend with Dominick and my mom and she did great. Only cried one time and that was because she was hungry. And once I started feeding her she was perfect again. And it was LOUD. I was sure she'd get upset but she never did.

Our little surprise miracle baby is just perfect! Happy 5 months to you Gretchie bear!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blogger for the iPhone!

Maybe I'll be able to blog more now that I have the blogger app for the iPhone! I feel bad that I don't blog as much but I'm solo busy! We had dom's birthday a few weeks ago an it was great. I'm waiting to get pictures for family because my camera was missing that day but we had a blast, trust me! I'll try to update with a lot more as soon as I can. Until then ill give you little blurbs here an there with my new app!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!